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Schedule Emails - Use Sugar or Aweber Mailchimp etc?

Question asked by Jeff C on Mar 29, 2016

We want to do some drip marketing using Sugar.  For Opportunities that were not won, we want to classify the opportunity (or related contact) as cold or warm.  We then want a 'cold' email campaign that says a couple different email templates rather far apart.  We then want a 'warm' email campaign that sends emails a little more frequently.  We want to see open and click-thru rates of the campaigns.


I've never used Sugar (CE 6.5) for email campaigns.  Will I be frustrated with the capabilities and if so, is there add-ons with integration with the best-in-class email campaign tools such as Aweber or Mailchimp?  Ideally we want to be able to see the history of the campaign emails that have been sent to a lead/contact/opportunity.


I guess this also begs a larger question, what it the best mechnism to organize 'closed opportunities' in Sugar from a drip marketing perspective.  I suppose the associated Lead record that the Opportunity was converted from still remains so would you modify custom fields in the lead record to signal which leads are included the the campaigs or would you do some sort of conversion operation on the failed opportunity to convert it to a target?