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More than 2 columns can't use more than one consecutive filler

Question asked by Jeff C on Mar 29, 2016

After working with Sugar (CE 6.5) for over a year now, the achilles heel is definitely in my opinion the outdated and rather poor interface.  It seems the two-column layout was probably best for the old 640x480 or 800x600 screen resolutions used commonly 10 years ago! 


Obviously most know that you can hand edit the view definitions and change the maxColumns parameter.  However this really makes the Studio layout editor behave very poorly.  The main thing the Studio editor will do if you move to beyond 2 columns is not allow you to have more than one consecutive filler column in a row.  You can't had edit and redploy as Studio moves everything again.


I'm wondering if there is a view def paramter to force a filler field. I tried a space but it breaks the view.  At this point, the only quick fix I can think of is to create a non-editable field with a blank label and use that.