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Street Address Import is appending City, and State

Question asked by Jeff C on Mar 28, 2016

On at least the leads module, it appears Sugar adds the city and state to the primary street address field even if it isn't in the field.  Example of snippet of CSV line:


Name,"1420 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1700",City,State,Zip,Title


After import, the primary_address_street field contains (straight from the DB):


1420 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1700



The import process is appending the new line and then the zip to the street address field when imported. In detail view in the CRM it displays the primary_address_street field and appends the city field on the display so the field displays as:


1420 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1700


City    Zip


I think there's something a little off in the import file so I tested with a simplified one line import and it imported correctly but primary_address_street in leads detail view still displays the entire address.  Yet you need city and state and zip fields in the view to edit them.  So I guess it doesn't work very well to sync edit and detail view when detail view is inserting the city, state, and zip, otherwise it ends up being redudant display of info.  Yet the sync saves a lot time. Very frustrating.


Running CE 6.5.2