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sugarCRM pagination

Question asked by henrik ljunggren on Mar 29, 2016


How do I add pagination to my list views? I am looking for something similar to the "jump-to-page" solution referred in the link below. 

Add a "Jump-to-page" control to SugarCRM « Sugar Developer Blog – SugarCRM

Today the user manually press the "fetch more content" button in order to extend the list. This is not good and very time demanding.


If pagination is not possible another workaround would be to change the trigger point from "onClick" to "onScroll".

Is it possible and in that case how can I implement that in the most efficient way without having to hack the core and rework it every month or so?


And in the case that it's not at all possible, can I upgrade SugarCRM or add a third party plugin or something?

I don't want to rework this issue every time we upgrade to a newer, safer version!


Any suggestions, workarounds, tricks or magic are more than welcome!


SugarCRM Professional, Version


Thank you!

Best regards Henrik

Novis SugarCRM developer