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1--LBL_xxx  and 2--changing Photo field dimensions

Question asked by William Rippen on Mar 26, 2016

SugarCE 6.5.22--local installed-  -Win10


1--When I add new CustomFields I get in DisplayLabel - LBL_xxx

then I have to change it in - xxx-  and wait some 60 secs and than clicke SAVE and wait again 60 secs

then I have to REPAIR and logout/and SHUTDOWN  computer and ONLY THEN it has been changed in xxx Displayfield


What is reason and how to avoid this lengthly procedure... ?


2.--- I have made a PHOTO field (via ThirdpartyAddon) and  it is very small and even after making (via Paint) the picture

bigger, upon adding again, it is still the same small size,  Where .. (in the Code)... can I change these dimensions ?


Thanks for help.