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Report: Inactive opportunities

Question asked by Kristjan Geir Mathiesen on Mar 25, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by Kristjan Geir Mathiesen

Hi all.

I want to do a report that shows all Opportunities that were updated more than 10 days ago (basically inactive opportunities) and would like this 10 day to be a "floating" timeframe (i.e. the 10 day period is from the date the report is run). You see, I plan to schedule this report so it has to be dynamic.


In Reports there is all kinds of options so I assume I´ll have to combine some together but I´m stuck!    Help... Any ideas?


This one would work if I could have a "not" infront of "Last Quarter" 

Alex Nassi - do you have any pointers?