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Configuring McAffee Enterprise AV for LINUX with Sugar Pro

Question asked by Robert Caverly on Mar 25, 2016

We are using SugarCRM Pro 6.5.x as the base platform for an application we developed for a customer.  This customer is now planning to deploy McAffee Enterprise AV on the application servers to provide on-access anti virus protection.  Does anyone have any experience of using this product in a SugarCRM Pro environment and any pointers or recommendations on configuring it so it does not significantly impact SugarCRM performance?


My initial thoughts are to exclude the sugarcrm.log and cache folders from scanning.  My logic is that cache and the log file do not get written by anything except the Sugar app - if it's safe these should be safe. All other folders should trigger scanning activity only during a module loader deployment and scanning then should not be a huge impact on end users. (We do not use Module Builder or Studio in production - all changes are built in a development environment and deployed via Module Loader.)


Thanks for your thoughts and input.