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rebuild cache folder

Question asked by Craig Mariner on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2016 by Roland Cadavos



Not sure what is going on but if I remove my cache folder when it gets rebuilt the user of the call_map.php is root and not apache so it fails to rebuild properly.  I have noticed that whenever sugar does something sometimes folder permissions change to 2770 and root as the user.  Can anyone help me as I cannot seem to nail down why this is happening. Apache is owner of all folder in the html folder I have checked with ls -l. 


If I remove the cache folder and login, it rebuilds cache folder with all folders contained within correctly with apache user apart from the /cache/cache folder which is root the permissions are 2770.  Then after a few mins I refresh the folder and the file class_map.php is suddenly owned by root.  If I make a quick repair and rebuild it fails at rebuilding mapping file.  If I then change the permission to apache of class_map.php and redo repair and rebuild it still fails.


Anything I can try to solve this please seems strange behaviour.  Modrewrite is on and set to the correct folder.