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Filter on User not working for get method in

Question asked by Vaishali Bhalerao on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by admin guy

Hi ,

I am having SugarCRM with version as  Enterprise build 9 , along with this i am using rest v10 API to search data in my custom application.


For this specific instance only filter only on User Module is not working  for get Method. While when i excuted count url for the user is working. Filter on rest of module like contact, account  working great.


here is my get method url as follow:[0][user_name]=abc&offset=0&order_by=date_modified:AS…


Though this instance don't have any records of user_name= abc its returning me the default user list

While same is executed on other sugarCRM instance (with same version or different) , its working fine by retrieving proper output.


Please let me know what may be possible root cause of these issue.