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Bean List Error For Removed Custom Module During Upgrade 

Question asked by David Dlugosz on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by David Dlugosz

I have a 6.5 instance that once had a Custom Module (Created through Module Builder) and has since been removed. During an upgrade to 6.5.23 I received an error message at the last stage of the upgrade. This message cam up on a white screen; " beanList[Demo1_COI] is empty!" and I had to click on Admin in the drop-down to get back to the Administration page. It appears that the upgrade completed properly, and the instance is functing as designed.

I would like to correct this issue; however, I have bee unable to find the empty Bean List "Demo1_COI" so I can remove it. If someone can point me in the direct of the bean list file location I would be appreciative.


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