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BUG - Closed Subpanels - Do not load after Editing and Saving

Question asked by delsugar on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by delsugar

SugarCRM Professional


Stack: Windows 2012/IIS/

This appears to be on any modules; but take Account Module as an example.


1. Edit an Account

2. Close all subpanels.

3. Exit Account and return back into the account making sure that all subpanels are in fact closed.

4. If they are closed, EDIT the account, make a change and save it.

5. Try to open a subpanel. You will see that it justs says Loading.. and no data ever gets loaded.


I tried it on a fresh instance and it does the same thing. Is this a bug? Can someone try it on their stack?