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Sugar plug-in for Outlook in offline mode

Question asked by Nigel Kerby on Mar 17, 2016

Ive just installed Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2013 (version 2.1.0 Build and have been rolling it out to staff with Outlook in our office.


Ive encountered an issue with one staff member who is often travelling and uses Outlook offline (in cached mode) for periods of time.  She is finding the new plug-in extremely annoying in offline mode as an error message pops up whenever she is browsing through old emails offline.


The error message (below) seems to keep popping up as many as 4 times per email and is driving her a bit crazy.


Is there anything I can do or settings I can change to avoid her getting this popup constantly when offline?


The older versions of this plugin did not have this issue as there wasnt a side panel to populate like there is for this version.