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Logic hook when processed in RecordView

Question asked by Edouard DEBOVE on Mar 16, 2016

Hello all!


I'm using Sugarcrm 7.6 Pro version and I was wondering if there is any way to have a logic look triggered when a record is processed in a Recordview.


The reason why I want to achieve this is because I have a non-db html field on a record view that needs to be populated in a logic hook. This field's value is based on some child's fields of my record. At first I tried to use an after_retrieve hook, but it is also triggered in list views and subpanels which I don't want (for performance reasons).


Is there an equivalent of process_record hook but for record view? Or is it possible to add a condition in the after_retrieve hook based on the view from where it's triggered?


Let me know if you have any clue.