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Massupdate for custom field issue.

Question asked by pavan agrawal on Mar 11, 2016
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We need to update field type int as a massupdate. i have followed these instruction…

Field is display in mass update box but not able to update.

Once i check code found <input type="text" name="Array" size="12" id="Array" maxlength="10" value="">

name as array. i search same function in MassUpdate.php and found its written as

case "int":

  if(!empty($field['massupdate']) && empty($field['auto_increment']))


  $even = !$even; $newhtml .=$this->addInputType($displayname, $field);



If we change $field to $field['name'] then it works. Please tell me, Is this issue or i am doing wrong?


function addInputType($displayname, $varname){

  //letrium ltd

  $displayname = addslashes($displayname);

  $html = <<<EOQ

  <td scope="row" width="20%">$displayname</td>

  <td class='dataField' width="30%"><input type="text" name='$varname' size="12" id='{$varname}' maxlength='10' value=""></td>

  <script> addToValidate('MassUpdate','$varname','int',false,'$displayname');</script>


  return $html;