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Records disappear from search results when sorted by column or navigating to next page

Question asked by Johannes Stauffer on Mar 10, 2016



This is my first post here, so please pardon my ignorance of any established board etiquette.


We're a small business running Sugar CE 6.5.9. I haven't upgraded it because I feel like I barely have a handle on how it works now, and the prospect of an in-place upgrade is more than a little terrifying.


The problem we're currently encountering only takes place in our Direct Sales module, which was created by modifying what was the Opportunities module in the vanilla setup. When a user does a search, a reasonable number of records appears in the search results at the bottom. However, if the user then attempts to sort those results by clicking the heading on a column (any column; doesn't matter which), the majority of the results disappear. The numbers vary, but for the sake of example, the search I'm trying right now initially returns 414 results, but when sorted by any column changes to only show 26 results. For this search, it will always be 26 results, regardless of the sorted column. The "order by column" dropdown under Layout Options, however, is unaffected.


Clicking the arrow to navigate from one page of results to the next (it shows 30 at a time), produces the same result.


I don't even know where to begin looking for the solution to this problem, and it's so bizarrely specific (it doesn't affect any other modules) that I haven't found anything to even give me a lead in several hours of searching.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and expertise.