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Baseline for SugarCRM CE Performance using 6.5 Install and Upgrade Guide

Question asked by on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by kbrill

Hello Sugar CE forum,


If one was to install Sugar CE using the 6.5 Install and Upgrade Guide, what is the baseline performance expected?


This includes a single server (singular as per document, not plural) running Windows Server 2008, 2012 or R2 releases with MySQL, IIS and PHP. No other software is used or referenced. Space allocated is 80GB, dual core CPU (or vCPU of 2) above 2.0Ghz and memory allocated of 4GB. What can one expect using this in response times with or without cached data (as also listed here )?


I ask this because there are no baseline specs of generalized performance expectations, at least that I can see with the CE version (perhaps with the paid). I need to know this because we can't properly select or test a product without some general ideas and our current CE test version produces slow (not minutes but 10-15 seconds average) to return data from 159 tables of 359MB of data and this is dedicated to this CE release. Users are not amazed with it and if we are considering purchase of it, this is not making the case. (BTW data accessed in the same means via RDP or VMware vCenter is as fast as internal response times to the initial logon at <2 sec). If anyone has any performance to share, please do so along with your specs and response times to access typical pages in Sugar. If there is logging that I can turn on to get averages or something, please feel free to comment. If SugarCRM has any comment directly or can direct us to a onsite means of purchase (the trial is for a hosted version), please do or contact me.


Thank you