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Process definition not triggered

Question asked by on Mar 10, 2016
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I'm trying to use the process author feature in Sugar but I'm having the following problem. I created a very simple process definition for the accounts module.



Record created event is applied to new records only. When I create a new account, I don't see any "in progress" processes in process management view. But when I change the process definition's target module to opportunities and create a new opportunity, a new "in progress" process appears in the process management view.


To troubleshoot, I changed the process definition's target module back to Accounts and applied the start event to updated records only (all updates). When changing an existing account, the process was triggered and could be seen in the process management view.


Does anyone have an idea why applying the start event to new records only for the accounts module does not trigger the process when creating a new account? I'm happy to provide you with further information if needed.