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Opportunities missing from the admin panel

Question asked by Cédric Raoul on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by Liam Hastings

Hi all,


I've just noticed a weird thing on my sugar 7.6 instance. We would like to use the Forecasts module but we can't access it because our Opportunities module is not configured correctly. No problem, let's configure our Opportunities module the way it should!


Well, I went onto SugarCRM support page, started to read instructions and head-over to my sugarCRM instance. First surprise, looks like Opportunities is not showing in my admin panel (only in Studio). Therefore, I can't change the model (with or without revenue line items). Is that normal in 7.6 or am I missing something?


Besides, to use the Forecasts, we will need to use the initial Sales Stage list. Looks like one of our sales rep has renamed some items from the Sales_stage_dom list. Is there a way to get back the original value to make sure we have everything at our fingertips?


Thanks in advance for your inputs!