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How to lookup and get value from Costum module based to actual module field?

Question asked by Arpad Szabo on Mar 5, 2016
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I want to create a simple VLOOKUP style search in a list.


1. Costum module with two fields:

(CategoryID), (CategoryName) - these are unique values (like ZIP codes, or VAT numbers)


2. Accounts module with three costum fields:

(BusinessLongCode), (BusinessShortCode), (BusinessCategoryName)



(BusinessLongCode) is a text field with(16) 16 numbers - this is the entry and editable input field.

(BusinessShortCode) is a text feld with(2) 2 numbers - based on BusinessLongCodes first two numbers, with:

subStr($BusinessLongCode, 0,2)


And here is the problem:

I want in  Accounts module (BusinessCategoryName) field to auto filled from Costum modules record (CategoryName) if (BusinessShortCode) is equal with (CategoryID).


What i tried (in the Accounts module, in the BusinessCategoryName):





                    related($CostumModule, "CategoryID")


          related($CostumModule, "CategoryName"),

          "No match"



But its not working, i get the "No match" value from the ifElse all the time, but the values in BusinessShortCode and Category id is match.

How to implenet the right calculated field code?

Thank you for your help!


*We Have SugarCRM 7.X Professional on our own server.