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Change Record View layouts depending on field value

Question asked by orjanalmen on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by Francesca Shiekh


This is about SugarCRM 7.6 Professional.


I'm looking into a way of making the Record View (in this case the Opportunities module) easier to work with.


Depending on the chosen alternative in the opportunity type field, the layout should be totally different.


If it is alternative 1, I want 5 panels with lots of different fields, as I have it layouted now

If it is Alternative 2, I would like only one panel with only a small subset of the fields visible in alternative 1, some from each of the 5 panels.


How could I do such a thing?


I have tried to add a 6th panel and added those fields there, but if I minimize the other 5 panels and only show this sixth panel, the fields can't be edited as they are duplicated. If I want to edit one of these fields, it scrolls back up to the first occurence of the field and I have to edit there, so I have to scroll down again to go to next field etc.