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How best to present extra data in Accounts?

Question asked by on Mar 1, 2016
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Hi all,


In my Sugar installation, Accounts = customers. I have customised Accounts to include additional fields as per normal. The intention of my Sugar install is to act as a single place for data across my organisation and I have been busy importing and cleaning data submitted by colleagues as part of this process.


Now, however, comes a bigger challenge. I have a spreadsheet which has a ton of data on it. The data in question is employee information (headcount etc) about each customer, broken down into a range of different groups. So, it's nicely standardised, but there are around 20 columns of it.


The easy way would be to add those columns into the standard Account view, and import the data. But, that doesn't seem particularly elegant or efficient to me - particularly when it comes to users exporting the data and seeing a massive and confusing CSV.


So, is it possible to create a new module for this? That seems like a much tidier way to do it, but how can I import the data and ensure that the module's data is associated with each given customer?


Thanks for your help