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Custom Date field "range Search" does not show in "Popup Search"

Question asked by Asaf Army on Feb 29, 2016
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I Created a Date Field in the Accounts module called "Founded Date" and marked the "Range Search" property so i could find Accounts in a range of dates.

i added the field to the basic search and the Popup Search.

In the Basic Search i see the range search:



But when i get inside Cases module and Create a new case and click on the Accounts relate field,

i see the Date Field without the range search in the Search Popup of Accounts:




i read about it online.

i changed the row in file include/sugarFields/Fields/Base/SugarfieldBase.php from this:

return !empty($vardef['enable_range_search']) && !empty($_REQUEST['action']) && $_REQUEST['action']!='Popup';

to this

return !empty($vardef['enable_range_search']) && !empty($_REQUEST['action']);




So now i see it as ranged search but the date is ignored completely when pushing "Search" !

i choose "Equals to" = 2/3/2016 but it still shows the account with 9/3/2016 value in Founded Date field:




how can i make the field take part of the search?


please help!


Using Sugarcrm CE 6.5.13