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List Prospects using v10 API

Question asked by SongJie on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by Alan Beam

How can I query using the v10 API for Prospects?  I've written some (Python) code that works for Leads, Contacts etc., but it simply returns nothing for Prospects.

Using URL ".../rest/v10/Leads/filter" with a POST and data {"filter": [], "fields": "name", "max_num": 1000000.0, "offset": 0} I get back a load of "Leads" information.

However doing the same using the URL ".../rest/v10/Prospects/filter" with the same empty filter returns:

{'records': [], 'next_offset': -1}

I'm not sure why "Prospects" seems different - it works for "Contacts", "ProspectLists" and a few others, but not "Prospects".