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Customize Calendar to change the default action from Meeting to Task

Question asked by Caim Astraea on Feb 24, 2016

Hello o/

Is there an upgrade safe way of extending the Calendar view for sugar 7.6, I'm looking to create a Task by default when clicking in the calendar cell.


Was looking through the Cal.js and noticed it's called in when clicked

CAL.dialog_create = function(cell) { 
CAL.openActivityCreateDrawer('Meetings', meetingAttributes) ; // was thinking to replace this one with 
taskAttributes = {
   'date_due': dateStart
CAL.openActivityCreateDrawer('Tasks', taskAttributes);


Also noticed the actions that show up in that alert to create a task or Call instead of a meeting with a fuction called loadActivityCreateDrawer , what is the difference between this and openActivityCreateDrawer ?