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How to Distinguish between 'Held' and 'Planned' calls in Outlook (using plugin)?

Question asked by Tony Lucini on Feb 23, 2016

I have downloaded the Sugar MS Outlook Plug in so that i can sync contacts and calls from Sugar to Outlook (one way).  Syncing is working correctly for both calls and contacts.  My problem is that I cannot determine an efficient way to distinguish 'Held' calls from 'Planned' calls.  So if I add a Held call in Sugar and and a next step, or Planned call at the same time, both of these will show up in Outlook when i Sync.  However, there is no way to determine which call is 'Held' and which is 'Planned'.  Reps need to be able to determine this difference in Outlook.  (we do not use 'meetings' in Sugar.  Instead, we use Planned calls as a scheduled appointment).  The only way i can do this is by using the 'Subject' line but this is not ideal at all. Thank you for any suggestions!