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Use a workflow to create tasks based on contacts in a target list

Question asked by Cédric Raoul on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Jeff C

Hey guys,


This is a very unusual request and I'm not sure there's a solution to it but who knows!

Here is what I would like to achieve :

1. We qualify our prospects and put them in a dedicated target list (in order to create a specific campaign)

2. Once our contacts are in a list and the list is complete, I'd like to use a workflow that will automatically create 1 task per contact that are in that list


- For example, I need to make sure our call center reaches out to specific people = the contacts in a target list.

- If there are 60 people in a list, I would need 60 individual Tasks created. 1 task per contact with a specific title.

- The specific title would be let's say : Campaign 12 --> each task would have campaign 12 as a tag


The ultimate goal is the following:

- Once the tasks are created, we can track the activity of each people in the call center.

- We could see how many meetings were booked from the tasks "campaign 12"

- We could see how many opportunities originated from tasks "campaign 12"


It could be possible to trigger the workflow by updating a field of the target list to a specific value but so far I'm stuck. I tried several things but no luck so far. BTW, we are using SugarCRM 7.6.


QUICK EDIT: I managed to create 1 Task using a workflow. Basically, I have linked 2 test contacts to a dummy target list. My workflow was triggered but it only created the task for 1 contact only. After several tests, only the last contact added to the list gets affected. The first contact is completely ignored. There, so far, I can only create 1 task even if I have more than 1 contact in my list. It's something!


If we could avoid creating these tasks manually, that would be great! Might be an impossible request though


Thanks in advance and have a great day!