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is it possible with SugarCRM 6.5 CE to filter the data taken from a specific module according to a group of assignment?

Question asked by TheWorstDodo on Feb 15, 2016



I'm using SugarCRM 6.5 CE and I want to create a hierarchical structure; I would like to create a structure like this. Hierarchi Structure

  • N group of superuser : A B C for example
  • N sub-groups for example 3 for every superuser'sgroup : 1-2-3(A),4-5-6(B),...
  • N sub-groups for father category : a-b-c(1),d-e-f(2), ....

After this I want to make sure that (user of group a) can see only certain data from MODULE, b see other data from the same MODULE, and so on

Is it possible to do this kind of hierarchy without any payment tool like SecuritySuite SugarCRM CE? If is it possible, can anyone direct me? and give me some tips?

Also if i use SecuritySuite plugin how do i filter my data within a group ? for example if in group "a" there are 2 users how can user 1 doesn't see record of user 2 ?