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Merge duplicates - how to show custom checkbox field?

Question asked by Piotr Pryzmont on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by Liam Hastings

I have a custom checbox field in my Leads module: 'is_onboarding'.


Now, when I want to merge duplicate Leads there are two scenarios depending on the 'is_onboarding' field being check or unchecked in the lead being primary one in the merge screen:

1. 'is_onboarding' checked then in the final merged lead the checkbox is checked too.

2. 'is_onboarding' unchecked then in the final merged lead the checkbox is unchecked too.


I would like the behaviour to be:

If any of the leads in merge screen have 'is_onboarding' checked then the final merged lead have the 'is_onboarding' checked.


One solution would be to show the field in the merge screen and choose the one checked as the final one.

Other solution (better) would be to do it always automatically.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.