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Abnormally high server load

Question asked by on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Angel Magana

Recently our SugarCRM 7.6 server experienced an abnormally high CPU load. Additionally the outbound traffic increased tremendously. Here is what I've learned from logs.

  • The daily bandwidth increased about 25 times.
  • To 50% of the requests the server responded with 412 - Precondition Failed: Server does not meet preconditions
  • The daily bandwidth increased due to GET requests made to  /rest/v10/metadata?type_filter=currencies%2Cfull_module_list%2Cmodules_info%2Chidden_subpanels%2Cjssource%2Cjssource_public%2Cordered_labels%2Cmodule_tab_map%2Cmodules%2Crelationships%2Cserver_info%2Cconfig%2C_override_values%2Cfilters%2Clogo_url%2Ceditable_dropdown_filters&module_filter=&platform=base
  • Requests to /rest/v10/metadata... constitute about 95% of the daily bandwidth.


Users reported that the application was slow, unresponsive or was loading forever.

I finally resolved the issue by doing a quick repair and rebuild. After that everything was back to normal.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Why does SugarCRM suddenly start returning an HTTP status code 412 and why did a quick repair and rebuild help?