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Get related beans in a custom endpoint

Question asked by Laura Muñoz Ruiz on Feb 11, 2016



I have a custom endpoint. Its aim is to retrieve a bean from the Opportunities module to generate a pdf. On the first place, I coded it as a custom entrypoint and it worked fine, but as its behaviiour can be unexpected due to the following bug ( and entrypoints are being deprecated, I decided to move it to a custom endpoint.


The issue in the endpoint comes when I tried to retrieve related beans (accounts, createdby (users)). The code I have is the following:


$bean = BeanFactory::retrieveBean('Opportunities',$GLOBALS['opID'], array('disable_row_level_security' => true));


$relatedBeans = array_pop($bean->accounts->getBeans());

$email = $relatedBeans->emailAddress->getPrimaryAddress($relatedBeans);



I need to disable security as I have set on the endpoint definition "'noLoginRequired' => true".

The function load_relationship is not loading anything, therefore, when I tried to access to the primary email, I get the following error:


Call to a member function getPrimaryAddress() on a non-object


I think something else is necessary  to bypass security when loading relationships, as this code works fine as an entrypoint (authentication was set to true, then I didn't need to bypass it).


I have tried to pass the " array('disable_row_level_security' => true)" parameter to the load_relationship method but I still get the same error.


Any ideas how can I load the related beans?




Laura Muñoz