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How to get primary record in merge-duplicates view using JS Groupings?

Question asked by Artem Mytashop on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by Artem Mytashop

The goal is: extend "merge-duplicates" function on Contact and Lead with a custom logic and keep any existing custom code that potentially may be present there.

In other words we do not want to overwrite an existing merge-duplicates customization.


Previously we have customized (extended) BackboneJS controller, but for now we have to avoid this approach because of a reason described above.

So we are using JS groupings to handle events, but from the code we cannot find the primary record. context.primary always returns a NULL value.

Also looking in app.controller has no effects.


Here is the example:


(function(app) {
'app:view:change', function(view, context) {

        if (view === 'merge-duplicates') {

      context.selectedDuplicates;  // <- Collection of selected records

      context.primary // <- always NULL





Did anyone try to use JS Groupings to extend "merge-duplicates" and get primary record ID ?


Thank you.