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How does SugarCRM communicate with 3CX? Please be specific.

Question asked by William Kreider on Feb 11, 2016

I am attempting to understand how SugarCRM communicates with the 3CX Plugin. For example how does the 3CX Plugin open a SugarCRM record when a call comes in and how does the SugarCRM place a call using the 3CX Plugin?

Further: Anyone that has resources on creating a custom 3CX Plugin using the 3CX Plugin API would be helpful. I've already looked at the 3CX information so anything outside of that if you know of any.

Doing the following works for making calls but how and why does it work?


Add a new field “Call mobile”. Select “Data”, “Field”, “Display Label=Call mobile with 3CX”, “System Label=LBL_CALL_MOBILE”, “Help Text=Some help text”, “Comment Text=Some comment text”, check the “Generate URL” option, “Default Value= http://localhost:47280?type=contact&phone_type=phone_mobile&id={id}”, “Max Size=255”, “Open link in=New Window”.