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How to improve performance

Question asked by Ajay Kumar on Feb 10, 2016
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How to improve performance of sugar


We are running on Sugar Enterprise 7.6.1


Server Details


Operating system : CentOS 6.7

RAM                     : 32 GB

Apache version    : 5.4.40

Mysql Version      : 5.5

Elastic Search     : 1.4.4


We have much customizations in this instance.We have around 25 modules in this instance.Out of these 25 modules,we have 3 lakhs records for few modules


When we try to access few modules(i meant list view of modules) ,it is taking approximately 4 mins.But layout of those modules are coming with in a minute ,only data are taking more time.


To cross check the performance,We cloned the instance and kept in another server(aws server). Here we are not facing any performance issue.


Adding more to this ,In aws we dont have any (apc,memcache).But we have it in our server.But Still performance is fails


I followed sugar recommendations,


Please advice me on this.