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Upgrading 6.5.x Pro to 7.6 Pro -- What versions of stack components do I need?

Question asked by Merrick Dennis on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by jsmith

Hi all,


We have an on-site installation of Sugar 6.5.7 Pro and I am exploring what is needed to upgrade us to Sugar 7.


I know that we need to be on the latest version of 6.5 which is I believe 6.5.22 -- so I need to upgrade to that first.


I've been looking at the supported platforms pages for 6.5 and 7.6 and I'm trying to find an overlap between 6.5.x and 7.6.x in relation to the stack components, i.e. PHP, MySQL, etc  From what I've found, Sugar 6.5.x supports the following per the Supported Platforms page:


PHP 5.2, 5.3 (But not the following PHP versions: 5.2.0, 5.2.1, 5.2.7, 5.2.16, 5.3.5, 5.3.7, 5.3.11, 5.3.15, 5.3.19 or 5.3.24)

MySQL 5.1, 5.5

Apache 2.0, 2.2


and 7.6 supports the following:


PHP 5.3, 5.4 (For PHP 5.3, use PHP 5.3.25 or above)

MySQL 5.1, 5.5, 5.6

Apache 2.2, 2.4

elasticsearch 1.3.1, 1.4.4


So my understanding is that to go from 6.5.22 to 7.6.x,, I will need to have versions of each of the stack components installed that are supported by each -- so I must find an overlap.  As I've already got MySQL 5.5 and Apache 2.2 installed, my issue is finding a version of PHP that is supported by both versions 6.5.x and 7.6.x . Does anyone else have experience upgrading their on-site Sugar and can comment on what versions I can use to satisfy the supported platforms pages for each?


Thanks for any help you can provide!