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How to make a field with multiple lines

Question asked by damund on Feb 8, 2016

I am looking to make a very simple version of the email script where you can have multiple values.

I just want to store web addresses I have a field [website_c] and I would like to have a button to add another [+] and another button [-] to remove a site

I would ideally like to store the websites via JSON into the sugarCRM CE field I have already [website_c]

What would be the best way to do this. I have been looking and finding a few examples that are so involved they are hard to adapt.


Example of edit view:

I would like the field to be a button [+] with no field until pressed then

the field [website_c] and button [-]

and somehow

take website.val() and push it into a JSON array.


Does anyone have any ideas?