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Will it be possible to display static web page which can be independent of Sugar Application on the right side i.e. in the dashboard location of Sugar 7.6 Enterprise Edition

Question asked by Abhinav Reddy Allela on Feb 4, 2016


I like to know to whether we can display a static web page in the place of dashboard for Sugar 7.6 Enterprise Edition. Please find below the requirement in brief


In Sugar UI we have List View/Record View and Create View layouts on the left side of the application and we have dashboard view for list view and record view on the right side of the application. I like to replace the dash board view in all the layouts with a particular Webpage. The webpage layout should function such that even If the user navigates from one module to another module the Webpage shouldn't get refreshed, though the Sugar screen refreshes. So, the Webpage should be Independent of Sugar and it should be displayed through out the Sugar application irrespective of the user navigation through different modules.

I like to know whether this is possible in Sugar?If yes, can someone help me how it can be done?


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