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retrieve_by_string_fields retrieve bean without emails

Question asked by Asaf Army on Feb 3, 2016

retrieve_by_string_fields has a TERRIBLE HUGE bug.

it retrieves the bean without its emails.

so if i want to search a lead by a mobile phone and update its details and do save(), i actually delete all the lead emails,

because i extracted them without emails and then saved again.


So i'm trying to restore the lead emails after i find it using retrieve_by_string_fields(), but only the email1 email is saved. all other emails - are gone, although i add them again too , to the Lead.

The lead is always saved with only one email, this is the simple code:


$lead->retrieve_by_string_fields(array('phone_mobile' => $mobilephone));

  // if lead with this mobile phone number was found

  if ( !empty($lead->id))


       // Because retrieve_by_string_fields gets the bean without the emails

       // retrieve the emails of the lead again and insert them into lead bean back again

       $sea = new SugarEmailAddress;

       // Grab the array of addresses

       $addresses = $sea->getAddressesByGUID($lead->id, "Leads");


       if ( !empty($addresses))



            foreach ( $addresses as $address )


                 $mybeanEmails = new SugarEmailAddress;

                 $theaddress = $address['email_address'];

                    // if primary , then insert as primary

                 if ( $address['primary_address'] == 1)


                      // Add a primary email address

                      $mybeanEmails->addAddress($theaddress, true);

                      $lead->email1 = $theaddress;




                      $mybeanEmails->addAddress($theaddress, false);


                 $mybeanEmails->save($lead->id, "Leads");






i'm using sugarcrm CE 6.5.13