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Inline editing a record inside a recordlist when using a filter refreshes the page

Question asked by karmet on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by karmet

SugarCRM version: Pro


  1. Visit accounts /#Accounts
  2. Create a new filter and select any criteria. Just make sure that you get more than 100 Accounts in the list.
  3. Assuming you have 50 accounts per Page, scroll down and click on "More accounts.."
  4. You should now have 100 accounts on the page. Click on "Edit" on one of the last accounts.
  5. Change the name to anything.


Expected result:

Name should be updated and nothing more.


Actual result:

Name is updated and the entire collection of 100 records are being refreshed causing the page to only show the first 50 records.

You will have to click on "More accounts.." to show your newly edited account. 



This only happens when using filters. What's up with that?