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Unable to Add Installable Package Fields to Search and List View

Question asked by David Dlugosz on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by David Dlugosz

We created a Installable Package for NAICS Coeds. The 6 digit Code is dependent on the 2 digit code. All works as designed in V6 & 7; however when you use studio to add The NAICS fields into the Search Filter or List View, they Disappear (from the layout), after clicking Save & Deploy. This customization is deployed ti the Accounts Module. Below is a brief description of the project. If you want to take a look first hand, I attached the Installable Package.  


NAICS Dependent Dropdowns installable package.

  • Tested on Sugar 6.5.21 and 7.6.1
  • I had to suppress apostrophes to make the dependency work (Sugar throws a javascript error if you include an apostrophe in a dependent dropdown)
  • There are separate database fields for the 2- and 6-digit values
  • This installable package creates brand new fields
  • The install package does not automatically add the fields to the layouts, you have to do that as a separate step.


I would appreciate any assistance in trouble shooting this.


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