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How can I customize the list of selectable related records?

Question asked by Stefano Mapelli on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by Stefano Mapelli


I created two custom modules A and B with a common field which is the Account.


There is also a relationship between module A and module B. There relationship  is a one to-to-many A-->B.

The process that I want to create is this:


  1. I create a record of A;
  2. I want to select a related record of module B for the created A record;
  3. I open the list of selectable records of B;
  4. The only records shown are the records of B with the same account of A. Other records are hidden because they are not selectable;
  5. I select my record of B that complete the relationship between A and B;


How can i do this?


Please Help me, the documentation doesn't show a complete guide for doing this and I'm blocked


Thank you