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Performance: Better to use FastCGI or mod_php?

Question asked by Mark Willert on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by Mark Willert

Hi everybody,


one of our customers instances (Sugar 7.6 Pro) tends to keep getting slower as user base and data size grow, but I cannot pinpoint the source.


I have taken all the measures from the performance guide (no developer mode, not too many list items, no trackers, use Chrome, logging on FATAL, Opcache is in use), optimized the database just fine (running on its own server, no slow queries, InnoDB and Query caches, etc), the Apache webserver ist running the latest supported version of PHP (5.4) and we have only limited scheduler jobs running.


But still the system responds not too quickly, opening a record in the contacts takes nearly 4s.


We are using mod_php for our installation, is there any performance benfit fpr using FastCGI with SugarCRM 7?


On the other hand, I ran some performance test with Chrome, and it seems that nearly 3/4 of the page loading time is used for Scripting:



My client pc is pretty decent (Core i5, 8GB RAM, running Win 7 / Chrome from a SSD drive), so I suspect not much I can do here. Any other ideas where to look?