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Moroccian callcenter appointment organisation

Question asked by rafsano on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by jsmith


I buy cheap already set appointments from the callcenter.

so i get name, address, company and name, and time for the appointment.


i want to add them (later a women do that) into sugarcrm, a great software, thanks.


i add them as opportunities, with an account and a contact.

and i add the appointment as activity

now i want to assign them to my workers which go there by car to get the signed contracts back to me on my office desk.


can i assign the opportunity and the activity by one step to one of the workers?

can the worker confirm the appointment with a mouseclick? (yes they have a free will)?


can i set up sugarcrm that workers only see what i assigned to them and not the other stuff for the other workers (until now, maybe later they can see to get more internal competition)?


is this the right way to get this organised with sugarcrm?


i am using the newest opensource version of it.