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How to create a scaled back clone of Sugar Prod

Question asked by stuartu on Jan 21, 2016

I am wanting to create a cut-down environment from our SugarCRM 7.5 Prod (MySQL database) that we can use as a template for Docker. 


The concept is that if we have a small scale version of Prod (currently ~200Gb), we can stamp out environments for our DBA / testing / devops / dev teams, where people can work a lot more efficiently without holding up others in our more 'official' testing/QA environments.


The emphasis would be on testing customization, data changes, and upgrades, so data integrity has to be maintained as best as possible (e.g. not just dumping the first 10000 records of every table). 


Am thinking I would most likely start at the accounts table ( limiting to say, 10,000), then working out through the dependent tables (meetings, notes, leads, etc), along with full extracts of lookups / essential tables, however, from a physical data extraction, this is going to be time-consuming to generate.


It may be that we take mysqldump(s) and some SQL -> output files and stitch them up in another environment?  

Whatever way, I'm expecting some manual work here.   


Any ideas / tips much appreciated.