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Calculated fields - get value from a field within the same module

Question asked by Cédric Raoul on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Cédric Raoul

Hi all,


Here's what I'd like to achieve.


We have a custom module (called Opportunities) in which we can attach documents (contracts). There's is a tab called "Contracts" within that module.


Within that "Contracts" tab, we have several fields but only two of them are concerned by my request.

1st field = Contract attachment

2nd field = Contract number


Our contracts are named this way: "yyyy-mm - specific internal number - name of client"


When I upload a contract to the Documents module, the name is correctly matched = "yyyy-mm - specific internal number - name of client.pdf"


I can easily attach a contract from the Documents module to the "Contracts" tab. However, the name of the contract, basically the name of the document, already contains the contract number. The part where you have "yyyy-mm - specific internal number"


I'd like the "Contract number" field to automatically grab either the entire "Contract attachment" name or if possible, grab the first part of the name. This way, I would only have to attach my contract and BAM, the "Contract Number" field would be auto-populated. I have like 200+ contracts to attach and if I need to copy/paste the name each time, that will take me ages!


I tried calculated fields without any luck so far.


Any idea or suggestions?


Thanks all for your help!