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Error Message When Sending Email

Question asked by elmojo on Jan 6, 2016

Within my local development environment, I use an old Windows 2003 server with SMTP installed and configured for anonymous access.  This server just accepts incoming email and puts them in a queue but doesn't send them out.  I can then go onto this server and see that the email was received by the server and read the actual email produced.  This works really well for any of my other projects.


However, when I try to point SugarCRM at this SMTP server, I get an error message when trying to send the test email.  This is the error I receive:


Error:The following From address failed:

SMTP server error: 5.5.2 Send hello first


I've Googled this error but no one seems to have the answer.


Like I said, this method works for me with other projects so I believe the problem lies within SugarCRM and the way it communicates with the SMTP server.


Anyone have any ideas?