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calculated value using related field to update checkbox

Question asked by on Jan 6, 2016
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Hi All,


I am just getting my head around calculated fields having come from CE and not having the facility, so please excuse my ignorance.


I have 3 checkboxes that are to be checked via calculated fields when documents with a custom field template_type matches the checkbox requirement:


checkbox 1 = A Uploaded (template_type on document should be A)

checkbox 2 = B Uploaded (template_type on document should be B)

checkbox 3 = C Uploaded (template_type on document should be A)


The following logic is set for each with the template_type value set specific to the checkbox requirements:




The logic works fine except it will only look at the most recent related document even though the record is related to many. So all 3 documents could be related but only 1 of the checkboxes will be ticked (the one corresponding to the newest). Is there any way that the formula can be amended so that it will look for any related documents that meet the criteria and check all boxes applicable?


We are on the On demand 7.6 instance.


Thanks in advance for your assistance, it is greatly appreciated.