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custom field as a link/button in v7 to call javascript

Question asked by hpiaple on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by varun_gupta34

Hi, I am new to sugarcrm v7 and I want to do some customization of phone fields in the Contact layout.


I install a sugarcrm 7.6.1 Ent. on a virtual Windows 2012 with Apache...


In sugarcrm 6.5, it was possible to modify directly the 'detailviewdefs.php' file and a 'cutomcode' to replace a field value. And I was able to insert an input button to call a javascript method linked to the detailview. In sugarcrm 7.6.1, this is no more possible.

After reading documentation, I know how to create a button in action menu like the Edit button but Is it possible to have this custom button directly in the Contact record/view ?