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Best practices regarding usage of config_override.php vs config.php

Question asked by Jeff Girard on Dec 29, 2015
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I'm trying to figure out how we should work with config.php vs config_override.php. My understanding was that I should let config.php part of the codebase, and add to gitignore the config_override.php.


This way, I was assuming that:

- the config.php would contain everything we want to propagate to every environments (dev, staging, production, many developer workstations...)

- and the config_override.php would contain environment-specific configuration, like "dbconfig" values, etc.


...But it looks like I was wrong! :/


The problem: I was aware that when we change some settings in "Administration" from the web interface, that backend it directly changes the config_override.php... but I'm surprised that it completely wipe out my override when I'm just changing a single value from the administration page like for example the address of my elasticache server... I'm losing everything I manually typed in config_override.php.


My file was containing a bunch of stuff already defined from the Administration page, everything was contained in a "/**** CONFIGURATOR ****/" block, and after this block I've added my custom configuration for my database. But once I go back into Administration page, change a setting and save, boom, config_override.php is getting overwritten!


My question: What is the correct usage I should follow regarding config.php vs config_override.php?  SugarCRM documentation isn't very clear regarding this, and especially regarding the fact that changing settings through the administration page can flush our existing manually-inserted configurations from the config_override.php...


Thanks for any help!


(SugarCRM Enterprise Build 1163)