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Adding audit to Projects module

Question asked by Asaf Army on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by Sumit Sahay

Hello Developers,


i need to audit (view change log) the "Status" field in the Projects module.

i noticed that the Project module doesn't have an "View Change Log" button at the top of the Detailview, when all other modules including custom ones i created, does have.

i also noticed that the fields in the Project module, in the studio, DOES have the "Audit" checkbox to check.

but where can i watch the "view change log" if i don't have an audit button at the top of the detailview?


if i can't view it, how can i add the "view change log" button to the top of the detailview ( i familiar with the code of Sugarcrm)


Using Sugarcrm Community 6.5.13


Thank you!