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How can I filter (not sort) Contacts for a field that is for empty or null

Question asked by Rick Moss on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by Rick Moss

When I am in any of the modules, I can search (filter) for things like FIELD NAME - STARTS WITH - some value.  For example, I can find all leads where the company name starts with ACME.  If I want to find all leads where the company name is blank, though, it seems impossible.  The REPORTS module allows me to report on a field being empty, but if I want to bring up those companies in the Leads (or Contacts or Accounts or any other) module, I see no way to do it.  Yes, in some cases I can sort by the field, but

1) That limits me to one field of filtering and

2) That brings up other values at the bottom of the list, which I can't have since I am doing mass updates and need the list to contain only records that meet my "null" or "empty" criteria. 


I have tried searching for company-IS-space and company-IS-null or IS "" or BLANK or EMPTY.  How can I do this search without writing new custom PHP pages?  Surely, Sugar has a feature to allow end users to filter for records that are empty.